Free or sworn interpreting

Depending on your needs, we will provide you with the appropriate interpreting

(Depending on the language and field).

  • Simultaneous interpreting
    - Conference
    - Presentation
    - Seminar
    - Debates
    - Negotiation
  • Consecutive interpreting
    - Interview
    - Guided tour
    - Committee meetings
    - Signature of contract
    - Congress
    - Signature before notary (sworn interpreter)
  • Liaison interpreting
    - Business visits
    - Trade show
    - Company meetings
    - Selection or termination interview

Rental of rooms and equipment

For your interpreting services, we can supply you all the necessary technical equipment (booths, headphones, sound system, accessories, etc.) plus a team of technicians. We can also offer you conference rooms depending on the number of participants.

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